Nepal Rafting

The high Himalayas with its glaciers make Nepal a river runner's paradise. Nepal is full of beautiful rivers, which all originate from the beautiful Himalayas in the north and flow all south to the lowland plains. rafting down the relatively warm water so uncharacteristic of a Himalayan river makes you aware of the cultural diversity as you pass by, making this a unique adventure and without doubt one of the world's most popular adventure travel activities.

The choice of river for a rafting trip will depend on how much time you have & how fit you are. Rivers are graded from 01 to 06 in the international scale with class 01 being the easiest and class 06 the hardest. It can vary from the seven days white water trip down the Sunkosi, Karnali or Tamur, to short trips along the Trisuli, Marsyangdi and Kali Gandaki. Nevertheless, no matter how many days of rafting you plan for yourself, it is sure to give you the joy of clean blue water, lovely beaches, friendly villagers and some of the most spectacular sceneries of Nepal.


Bhote Koshi -2 days

Bhote Kosi (2 Days) One of the Best Fishing River's of Nepal. It lies in east from Kathmandu & comes from the Himalaya (Bhot) became Bhote Koshi, Nepal's one of the most challenging short river trip, the Bhote Kosi has continuous big rapids and non-stop thrills. Passing through steep canyons and gorgeous scenery. This is 2 days from Kathmandu to Kathmandu.

Trisuli River

The Trisuli, draining the snowmelt of the Ganesh & Langtang Himal gains its name from the Lord Shiva’s three- pronged spears (trident) Most popular and challenging during high flows of 10 major rapids with full of fun. Great camping on sandy beaches along exotic jungle forests. It is further west from Kathmandu & possible to go as day trip or till three days trip.

Seti River

One of the most beautiful and warmest river in Nepal with spectacular scenery, beautiful wildlife and plenty of small friendly rapids. Great camping beaches on the river banks. Perfect for those with limited time who want a taste of rafting. An ideal trip for families and beginner kayakers. It is just an hour drive to Chitwan national park & 4 hour drive to Kathmandu.

Marsyangdi River

Marsyangdi river ries from Tilicho lake far northern point of Annapurna range and flows down following the popular trekking route of Annapurna round. One of the most challenging white water raft in the world. Enjoy with magnificent views of the Himalayas and green hills. It take 3 days raft & 2 days go & back from Kathmandu.

Sunkosi River

Known as the river of gold is one of the best top ten rivers in the world. Far away from roads and towns. It flows eastward of Nepal through the Mahabharat hills (countryside of mid land of Nepal) This river offers big and exciting rapids. Find yourself crashing into mountain waves, while passing through breath-taking scenery with excellent camping beaches. Observe first hand, local Nepali village life, as you view continuously changing landscape

Tamur River

Tamur is a world class river flows down on the foothill of Kanchanjungha (the third highest mountain in the world) in east Nepal. It has much challenging and continuous rapids. There is a three days wonderful trek from Basantapur to Dovan. The rafting days is only five.

Karnali River

One of the best Fishing River of Nepal and longest and largest tributary of the Ganges, rises in Tibet near Mt. Kailash. Definitely a world classic combination trip for trekking, white water rafting and wilderness exploration. All rafting equipment is carried by porters as we trek to the river through one of the most remote parts of Nepal. Remarkable pristine jungle scenery with canyons, deserted beaches and small villages. A continuous series of increasing rapids, with waterfalls. The Karnali eventually passes through the Royal Bardia National Park to join the Ganges in India

Kali Gandaki River

Kaligandaki is a holly river rises from Mustang and flows down through the world’s deepest gorge between the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Himal (a most popular trekking route in Nepal). The trail of the groge was used to Tibet in an early age for the business. This fart offers spectacular views of natural beauty and continuous wild rapids of white water rafting.

  River Name Duration
Bhote Kosi 2 days
Trisuli 1-3 days
Seti 3-5 days
Marsyangdi 5-6 days
Sunkosi 8-10 days
Tamur 12 days
Karnali 12 days
Kali-Gandaki 7 days