Research Tours in Nepal

The country of Himalayas and geographical diversity in altitude range from 68m to 8848 m height of Mt. Everest is in lap of Terai. Because of geographical diversity, there is a biodiversity which is a cause of many species of animals, birds, flora and funna, this is a best place for research so that Mt Manaslu Adventure Treks manages such research, innovation and study in all part of Nepal. As a part of geographysical variation in the country, Nepal has many caves. We are so careful for the caves and tries to manage cave tour and related research with our visitors.. In fact we don’t have large caves as compared to other country, but they are so important in the himali country that has small caves. It is important to explore such caves that we try to search and give the pleasure on cave tour with our valued clients.
Research Tour :
Nepal has diverse many tribes, Himalayas, Flora and fauna. For undergraduate and Graduate students who want to do a Internships research in Nepal related to environment, Geography, Cave, education and health sector are encourage to participate through our program. We will guide them during their whole stay in Nepal. Many health research expeditions in Everest t western area of Nepal is conducted for the team as their medical/health mission to Nepal. Like wise herbal plants research is also manage to them. For Volunteers tourists who wants to do a volunteer here in Nepal, we will arrange them the right places in Cheapest cost be sure.

Center for Students Exchange : 

For undergraduate and Graduate students who want to spend Gap Year in Nepal by getting some credit in their professional field, especially by the Prof.& Dr. will support by providing technical support related to environment, Geography, Cave, Education, History , Culture, Volunteerting,Health sector are encourage to participate through our program. Social mix up and participation in community development related work is the prime part of this program. National and International college are the member of this center and many students in a age between 18 to 24 years old will be participated in this program.


Spring: Nov. 15, 2010,  deadline, Application. Program will start from 1st Feb,2011

Summer: Feb 15,2010 last date of submission of Application. Program will start from 15 th May, 2010 

Fall: June 15, 2010 deadline of application. Program will start from 15 Sept, 2010 


Note: Many  national and Internation colleges are participated in this program. If your college interested to participate in this program, Contact  to

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