Types of Trekking in Nepal

Types of trekking we are organizing

Camping: Fully organized with it's own kitchen crew. Porters carry all necessary things. It looks very adventurous & full of fun with lots of activities every single day. Over night you will sleep in tents. Everybody is kept busy and allocated work. . You can take the opportunity to see how our cook prepares the meal & if you or anybody else from the group would like to make a meal you are most welcome. This is our De-Lux Trek and consequently a little more expensive.

Tea House: This trek is organized with guides & necessary porters for the group. We take only personal things with us & we eat in local tea houses (inns) & stay in a lodge. These types of treks are only possible in a few areas, they are very popular with facilities, like food & accommodation on the way. It is less expensive than a Camping trek & easy to manage as well.